A/L Accounting/ B.S/  OL Commerce (English Medium)/ OL Cambridge Accounting

(International School Teacher) 


–  80% A B- Pass Rate during 8 years Experience

–  Subjects will  be covered early as much as possible to overcome exam pressure


–  for 2020 AL syllabus completion time – end of May 2020

–  for 2021 AL Syllabus completion time – End of January 2021

for 2022 AL Syllabus completion time – End of January 2022


Home Visit

Revision for 2020

Theory for 2021

Theory for 2022



               Institutes  Visited

Kiribathgoda – Udeshi City

IDH – Dharana



– All the subjects matters will be discussed with tutes & Past papers

– Following up the students for whole subject (not only for requested Subjects)



Areas Can be covered.

Kiribatgoda, kadawatha, kandana, Jaela, Malambe, Nugegoda, Kaduwela, Gampaha & Around Colombo.



Ishan Mudannayake

(B.com Sp, CA finalist, CBA, International School Teacher)