Dr.Lakshika Chandrasiri

Dr.Lakshika Chandrasiri

BAMS (Hons.)
University of Colombo
SLAMC Reg. No: 15478

BAMS (Hons.)  (SriLanka) Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo

Clinical Competency in Acupuncture – Sir Anton Jayasuriya International Centre for Acupuncture, Sri Lanka

Clinical Training in Keraliya Specialty Treatments & Panchakarma – Vaidyarathnam Foundation, Kerala,India

Adv. Dip. In Ayurvedic Beauty Therapy  – International Institute of Ceylon Ayurveda

Dip. In Professional Ayurveda Beauty Culture – Ceylon Institute of Ayurveda, Sri Lanka

Training Course on Keraliya Panchakarma – Massage Therapy-Herbal Beauty Culture-Reflexology-Aroma Therapy-Yoga Darshana  -Suwahasa Training Institute of Traditional Medicine, Sri Lanka

Practical Course of Instruction in First Aid – St. John Ambulance Association & Brigade




All type of Diseases and Beauty Treatments


Acupuncture Treatments

Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Clinic

Normal patient Consultation
Face Massage – Normal
Face Massage – Advanced facial care
Face Massage – Aroma therapy
Face clean up
Pimple treatments
Normal Facial
Anti-aging Facial
Glow Facial
Dark under eye treatments
Treatment for Black heads and White heads
Akshi tharpana
Dark under arm treatment
Dandruff treatments
Treatments for bald hair
Hot stone therapy
Body whitening treatments
Steam bath
Kati Vasthi
Leech application
Acupuncture detoxification
Body acupuncture


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Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Clinic at Nawinna Medicare Hospital

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Dr. Lakshika is an amazing person and doctor. She has my fullest trust. One example: Because of her I have been smoke-free for months now. Before I had really tried everything and nothing worked. Highly recommended, Doctor Lakshika!
Nicole Ober-Bloibaum
Amazing person, she was giving me a very good guidance during the treatment. She got my full trust. I could feel her passion about her profession. Very recommend Doctor Lakshika!
Petra Floris
Doc Sachini Lakshika - I feel privileged to share my gratitude with you through this post. I came in as a visitor to get ayurvedic therapy done at your table. I wasn't sure if my skin allergy would even cure through the ayurvedic way in less than 4 days but hola you made it so easy with the confidence, ayurvedic therapies and so much comfort that it helped me feel better and curable :). You are a blessing in disguise from miles apart and I can't wait to visit you soon for some party time
Dolly Rateshwar

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